Cardiovascular Nursing and Healthcare

Cardiac Nursing and allied experts are on the bleeding edge of the fight to decrease the weight of cardiovascular disease and will examine better approaches to assess risk, prompt and treat their patients. Cardiac nursing has been a significant supporter of improving cardiac health since the commencement of the coronary care units. Cardiac nursing has advanced monstrously alongside improvements in innovation and the treatment and prevention of cardiac disease. Heart research and innovative work prompt fast clinical changes which require nurses and allied experts to be refreshed with the most recent information on treatment and care. Future research should be led on the role of a cardiovascular nurse inpatient instruction and risk factor management in the anticipation of CVD, just as in intense heart care. In this session, heart congress 2019 invites the researchers to submit their works on the topics but are not limited to Acute and Chronic Heart Failure; Improving Care in Hospital and Community; Coping with Patient and Family Issues at End of Life; Prevention and Support in Transplant, among others.

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