Digital Health and Cardiology

Digital health is the use of digital information, data and communication technologies to collect, share and analyze health information to improve patient health and health care delivery. In spite of the fact that cardiology is on the front line of therapeutic and methodology related advancements, the field is lacking in a selection of digital tools in medicinal services delivery. These advances could encourage and propel progressively regular randomized clinical trials (RCTs), which is especially essential since RCTs are ending up progressively costly and complex, are moderate to finish and takes time to implement into practice. Mobile health or mHealth is the subset of digital health that focuses on the use of mobile and wearable devices and software applications This session at Heart Congress 2019 is tailored to give a platform to focus on current and potential applications of artificial intelligence in cardiovascular medicine. This session at Heart Congress 2019 expects the researchers to submit their research abstracts on topics but are not limited to AI in Cardiology, early applications of AI in general and specific to healthcare, and a pioneering application of AI in Cardiology, AI in medical informatics, imaging processing, and clinical decision making. This session of Heart Congress 2019 is intended for cardiologists, critical care physicians, clinical investigators, computer scientists, data scientists, engineers, and other medical and computer professionals who are interested in a contemporary review of machine learning and its applications to medicine and specifically to cardiology.
  • Cardiology and Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning and Healthcare
  • Digital Medicine and Wearable Technology
  • Future of Medical Intelligence
  • Cardiac Image Acquisition
  • Automated Cardiac Quantification
  • Cardiac Tissue Characterization
  • Imaging Biomarker Discovery
  • Clinical Decision Support in Cardiology
  • Future Opportunities of AI in Cardiac Imaging

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